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privatization, facilities management outsourcing & operations and maintenance.

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WHAT WE DO: Some Key Words, Concepts and Elements

Utility, Energy, Power, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Infrastructure, Finance and Consulting Services

Landfill gas to energy conversions; on-site generation and co-generation; green energy project development, finance and management; alternative energy


Below is a partial list of the many areas where we can help you save money:

Utility, Energy, Power, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Infrastructure, Finance and Consulting Services

generation, transmission and distribution

alternative energy - solar, wind, ocean, biofuels

gas and electricity supply and management

energy efficiency and demand-side management services

project management; statistical analysis

energy audits, project implementation, construction management

privatization; utility consulting; project finance

expert testimony

management consulting

valuation studies

economic and industrial development strategies

tariff development, strategies and administration

controls and automation

statistics and market research

power supply planning and negotiations

financial analysis and rate services

generation services

demand response and load management

regulatory and restructuring services


renewable energy, distributed generation and CHP services

electric planning and design services

regulation, deregulation and re-regulation services

water and wastewater consulting services

gas and electricity consulting; power quality & reliability

information technology services

utility rate analysis and planning services

chemical fume hood design and retrofits for conservation

innovative strategies and solutions...

Power, Refining, Oil and Gas, Heavy Construction

planning, design, build, finance

geophysical studies

oil and minerals explorations

concession management

product transportation, storage, sales

scheduling; feasibility studies

petroleum engineering

production sharing agreements

review of laws related to oil and gas



finance and partnering

project development and finance

refineries - design, build, finance, own and/or operate

power plants and substations

transmission and distribution

geological and engineering studies

tank farm design, build, finance

roads, dams, bridges, highways, tunnels

harbors, airports, subways

engineering and management consulting services

Waste and environmental planning and management services

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privatization, facilities management outsourcing & operations and maintenance. Power plant management & performance contracting for energy conservation. Privatization & management for energy savings.