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privatization, facilities management outsourcing & operations and maintenance.

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General Power Corporation is prepared to help you increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and thereby save money. Money saved from lower utility bills goes straight to the bottom line. If you are a large energy user or manager, we should talk. We are a full-service energy solutions provider. We also supply gas and electricity in deregulated states

We offer energy commodities, audits and turnkey electronic energy information/management systems. Our consolidated bill management program enables large property owners and managers to track energy costs, and to lower utility expenses. We search out potential savings opportunities at your building(s), campus, plant, institution or installation, and offer total energy efficiency solutions. In deregulated states, our package may include the aggregate purchasing of electricity, and natural gas. We offer energy management services on a broad basis, deregulation planning, and for industrial firms, energy reclamation, process improvements, and power quality and reliability solutions.

Our approach to energy conservation is comprehensive. It may include a detailed examination of your existing boilers, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems, controls, sensors, refrigeration systems, reliability and power quality equipment, fuel usage, potential building envelope improvements, and/or facility water consumption, and more. Where indicated, we may recommend peak-shaving possibilities, and upgrades to utilize state-of-the-art technologies. In these and other instances, we can offer design, build, finance, operate, and maintain services (all or part), plus guaranteed savings, as discussed in more detail on the following pages.

Facilities Management Outsourcing

Alone and with industry partners, we offer outsourcing capabilities second to none. We are actively seeking business opportunities to purchase, or purchase and lease back, total energy systems in large buildings, on campuses and at institutions and installations. This includes the purchase of existing power plants and/or the design, build, finance of energy infrastructure systems associated with new construction of any magnitude.

We are willing to partner with our customers. We are willing to make capital investments in the electric and other energy infrastructure of large buildings, whether before construction, or after. Our services can include retrofit of old equipment; design, specifying, purchasing, installing, testing and commissioning of new electric and mechanical equipment; also, the evaluation of on-site generation or co-generation opportunities, the use of green power, geothermal energy, and peak-shaving possibilities. We may design, build, finance, own, operate, maintain, upgrade and/or manage such facilities, at our expense and risk, for the benefit of the customer. In addition to the above, we offer comprehensive O&M services, guaranteed energy savings programs, and a wide range of ESCO services.

Energy and Risk Management Services

We provide energy and risk management services, and cooperate with client utility companies, energy savings contractors, engineering firms and others in the industry to facilitate a comprehensive range of services to our customers. In addition to electricity and natural gas, we can supply alternative fuels in certain major markets. We also provide customized energy procurement strategies and purchasing programs, energy contract and power purchase negotiations - nationwide.

Privatization of Federal Utility Infrastructure Assets

This is a new service being offered to utilities and others interested in the privatization of utilities infrastructure by the federal government. We are experienced in such matters, and have acted as consultants in the field. We have to date successfully completed bid responses for a number of installations, and for systems including electric, natural gas, water and wastewater. If you are a utility or other interested party seeking an experienced teaming partner, please contact us at your early convenience; we can help. We know the rules and the procedures. Our partners have hands-on engineering and construction experience in this range of services.

Oil and Gas Resources

Please see our Capability Statement, and What We Do. We can provide resources shown directly and through important alliances for domestic and foreign oil and gas finance, partnering, engineering and investments. Our partners are based in Washington, Houston, New York and elsewhere, including Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Other Services

We are experienced in utility rate design, and familiar with utilities, economic and financial analysis, and all aspects of energy, supply, consumption, operations, technology, plant and system management, and industry finance. Finally, we work within existing budgets and provide innovative, self-funding technology-based systems improvements, leading to reduced energy and utilities costs, and reduced maintenance expenses. We follow an open door policy, seek business opportunities, and invite you to call upon us at any time when you have questions, or to discuss these matters in more detail. For general finance, visit http://www.iscfinancial.com

Other services include electricity and energy planning, energy analysis, audits and project implementation, program support, energy purchase strategies, choice analysis, risk management, above and below ground utilities, T&D engineering, metering and measurements, preparation of Scope of Work statements for procurements, energy efficiencies, expert testimony, profit finance, valuation studies, tariff development strategies and administration, rate services, demand response and load management, power quality, reliability, and so on.


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privatization, facilities management outsourcing & operations and maintenance. Power plant management & performance contracting for energy conservation. Privatization & management for energy savings.